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Our owners, Dr. Pierre Beaulieu and entrepreneur Sean Doucet, are undeniably a great pair as they combine their knowledge, skills, and experience together while managing The Briarlea.

Dr. Pierre Beaulieu provides an un-equivalent medical knowledge and experience to our home, as he is able to schedule weekly visits with our residents, as well as better understand, diagnose, and care for their needs.  Dr. Pierre Beaulieu has been practicing medicine for over 15 years, from on-call services at the Moncton City Hospital, to various walk-in clinics in the Greater Moncton Area, to assisting surgeons in the Operating Room.  In addition to supervising the overall health of our residents, Dr. Beaulieu also operates his own bilingual practice and is currently the Family Physician to over 1500 patients. Dr. Beaulieu brings superior care to our residents as he is continuously updating and maintaining his medical skills, which includes the needs of clients with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

Mr. Sean Doucet’s business education (BBA from St. F.X. University) and strong financial background has allowed him to successfully manage other businesses in the Greater Moncton Area. Mr. Doucet provides sound operational management to both the staff and the company as a whole on a daily basis. He handles all accounting/financial activities, and works closely with his Managment team for any escalated concerns. Mr. Doucet handles any renovation & maintenance projects needed to ensure both homes operates up to standard. 


Our Licensed Practical Nurse has valuable experience working with senior patients at the Moncton City Hospital. Her wide-ranging certifications and experience help ensure the best possible care for our residents.  Yana regularly cares for clients with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, and has been a valuable resource in the training of our team.

The Briarlea Team

A highly qualified and efficient team of people also provide day-to-day care to our residents. Our leadership team and many of our staff have successfully completed the Personal Support Worker Program or equivalent. Above all, they are compassionate and dedicated to caring for your loved ones. 

All staff have completed the CPR/First Aid training, and all Briarlea staff who provide direct care to our residents receive a collection of trainings on how to care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, which is in addition to the Brigg’s Health Care Operation Guideline training and the Standards and Procedures for Adult Residential Facilities provided by the Department of Social Department.  

We are continuously seeking new training tools and materials, as well as new techniques which allows us to expand our knowledge and understanding of our residents’ growing needs. 

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